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Wireline Bop

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level wireline bop manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield wireline bop, welcome to contact us.Wellhead Wireline Pressure Control Equipment is used for testing and paraffin treatment in flowing oil well, gas well, water injection wellWreline BOP is used for closing the wellhead when the seal head couldn't effectively seal or when the wireline armoured broken wire at the bottom of the seal head and lead to a bird's-nest and other accident happens.According to the quanitity of the rams,BOP  can be subdivided into single ram BOP,double ram BOP,Triple ram BOP. And every BOP can be used by hydraulic or manual operationSpecificationType:3FZ130-105Working pressure:105MpaBore diameter:130mmConnection:12 1/4″-4thd(7.000″)OTISOperation:Hydraulic, with hand lockHydraulic Pressure:OP: 10.5Mpa, Rated Pressure: 21MpaMaterial: AISI4130/35CrMo/EE PSL3Working Temp.: -29~121℃Medium: Crude Oil, Gas, Mud, Water(H2S)   Skid mounted with anti-slip plate.

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