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Wmm6 10 Hand Operated Directional Spool Valve

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Directional valves, with mechanical and manual operation, type WMM6 ... L6XDirectional Valves with Mechanical and Manual Operation type WMM6...L6X, are direct operated spool valves which switch the flow fluid by rotating the handle to move the spool axially. They have 2-position, 3-position as well as various spool symbols, optional detent device or return spring. And they are sub-plate mounting.Type WWM.../It consists of housing (1), handle (2), control spool (3), one or two return springs (4} and push rod (5).In the unoperated condition the control spool (3) is held in the neutral or starting position by the return springs (4). When the handle(2) is pushed to right or left, the handle(2) acts at the push rod (5) by hinge and direct controls the spool(3), at that time, the spool(3} moves to an expected position. When the handle returns to Zero position, spool returns to normal position by return spring. The switched position is operated by the handle.Type WWM ... /FTheir operating principle is basically same as the type WWM ... /, and they are fitted with 2 or 3 switched positions and a detent, so all the switched position is fixed.Cartridge throttleThe cartridge throttle is necessary since actual flow may be larger than the performance limits of the valve during switching process.It is fitted in the P-line of the directional valve.WMM6...L6X.pdf

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