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Wolfram Planar Sputtering Targets

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Product Description
Material: pure tungstenStatus: polishedSize: thickness (less than x) 20mm width (less than 300mm) x Length (less than 500mm)Application: mainly used in the semiconductor industry, and flat panel display (TFT-LCD), thin-film solar and glass coating industry (including architectural glass, automotive glass, optical film glass), surface engineering, decoration & tools, magnetic, optical) recording medium, micro electronics, automobile lamp, decorative coating and so on. Can provide high purity target plane and rotating target. Tungsten and the alloy anode target: our specializing in the production of X-ray tube anode material, such as pure tungsten target, tungsten rhenium alloy target tungsten rhenium graphite target. Can provide high purity target plane and rotating target. The target can withstand extreme temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius, good quality, long service life.

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