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Wood Flat Bit

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Product Description
Wood flat bit is forged in one piece from high carbon steel. The hardness of the cutting point and the blade is 50 HRC. It is used to drill in all types of wood,Website:http://www.hzgshardware.com,such as soft and close grained wood, chipboard and floor board.     Part No    Metric  Imperial  GS-B40006    6mm    1/4”  GS-B40008    8mm    5/16”  GS-B40010    10mm    3/8”  GS-B40012    12mm    15/32”  GS-B40014    14mm    9/16”  GS-B40016    16mm    5/8”  GS-B40018    18mm    11/16”  GS-B40020    20mm    25/32””  GS-B40022    22mm    7/8”  GS-B40024    24mm    15/16”  GS-B40025    25mm    1”  GS-B40028    28mm    1-1/8”  GS-B40030    30mm    1-3/16”  GS-B40035    35mm    1-3/8”  GS-B40038    38mm    1-1/2”  GS-B40040    40mm    1-9/16”

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