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Wood Pulp Material Transparent Package Baby Diaper

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Wood Pulp Material Transparent Package Baby Diapers1. Baby Diapers Description* Baby Diapers SpecificationSizeBaby WeightLength*Width(mm)Total weight (±2)g/pcPcs/BagS3-6kgs380*28019.480M5-10kgs440*32023.672L9-13kgs480*32026.264XL12-15kgs530*32028.960Structure of Baby Diapers:1.With newest super soft perforated cottony surface;2.With leaking guard;3.With green ADL;4.Non-woven wrap high absorbency SUNITOMO SAP airlaid paper;5.With one-side waistband;6.With velcro tape;7.With cloth-like breathable film.Main feature of Baby Diapers:1.Soft Cotton Clothlike Backsheet: breathable and comfrotable: strong enough against being broken.2.Magic/Velcro Tapes: reusable as many times as you can; strong and sticky.3.Green ADL: distribute urine all over to make it more dry.4.Super Soft Cotton Topsheet: make baby feel more soft5.Elastic Waistband: easily adjust and fit baby's waist. 6.Huge Absorbency: instantly absorb urine and lock wetness,Website:http://www.family-cares.com, say goodbye to rashes.* Baby Diapers Details* Our certification* Our Lab* How to process2.Our service3.Cooperation Countries4. Company information* Our Factory * Our Production Line * Raw Materials* Our Team* Our Friendship* Packing&shiping* Packing&shiping* Payment&shipment5. ContactFriendly Tips: If you find our baby diapers interested, please give your detailed requirements.Our team would offer different solutions to you within 24 hours. Free samples are also available.
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