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Wood Toothpick

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Product Description
Carton size mmArt noDescriptionSize LxWxHcolorpcs/innerpcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W. KGG.W. KG3810000Toothpick cellowrap65mmbirch1000250004601502600.0179444.33810016Toothpick cellowrap mint65mmbirch1000250004601502600.0179455.53810005Toothpick paperwrap65mmbirch1000250004602003600.033125.756.23810030Toothpick unwrap65mmbirch10001000004003502000.02812.513.15We produce bamboo and wooden toothpicks, made from bamboo and birch, with the features of bright and lustrous, hard and smooth surface. After the high temperature cooking to ensure the hygiene, our toothpicks are a green ideal article for daily life and oral health.

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