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Wound Skin Closure

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Feature With the continuous promotion of our life.we put forward higher requirements on the recover of suture techniques.Postoperative wound repairing and scars problem are the most concerned problem after surgical operation .The wound skin closure is made of high quality non woven fabric with strength silk,coating with acrylic adhesive ,and it is a good and effective solution for reducing the scars beings.Conditions: Help the would healing,prevent wound from open,reduce generating rate of scar,start your beautiful life.Direction for use:1.Cleaning the wound by physiological saline and make it dry completely.2.Sticking on the wound skin closure vertically from the middle of the wound.3.Applying it from the two edges of wound to the middle,avoiding the wound dehiscence.4.Sticking on the rest parts of wound one by one,the gaps between the each tape is optional.

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