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Ws2811 Led Controller

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Product Description
Product Description HX-GYSPI is suit for UCS1903 (TM1804 etc) output applications which drive LED directly. It is widely used in advertising, stage sets, home decorations, etc. It has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity to use, especially integrated power supply. It has memory function. And adopt IR remote control, could adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects. There are 143 modes in total.Technical ParametersWorking temperature-20-60℃Input voltageAC90-265VOutput voltageDC12VOutput current≤3AOutput power≤36WStatic consumption<1WExternal dimensionL148*W54*H33(mm)Packing sizeL183*W82*H60(mm)Net weight260gGross weight300gEffects model143Control A01 strip length range5meters in maxControlled IC ModelSuch as the TM1803, TM1804, TM1809 , TM1812, UCS1903 etc. (specify the required model in orders)Features1、Integrated power supply,input voltage:AC90-265V, output: DC12V/3A;2、compatible with HX-A01(contact HOION for more information),limited by the power supply, the max is 5meters;3、Adopt IR 18-key remote control, mode/speed/IC number are adjustable;4、Memory function ;5、143 modes in total, including horse racing, running water, tailing, brush color, scanning, raindrops, and etc.6、When adjusting speed, press the button and hold, rapid bursts of adjustment.Interface SpecificationsDirection for using●Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before turn on the power;;●IR remote operate by sending a signal from the remote control to the IR receiver via line-of-sight, and IR signals can't travel through obstructions, so IR remote control needs to be about to "see" the IR receiver and make sure there is no obstructions between them;●Controlling IC number setting: turn on the power, turn off the controller through remote control (LED strip would all off) ; press "RESET" goes into setting IC number (led strip would light green). Using "Bright UP/DOWN" to add/reduce IC number, each pressing add/reduce one IC (the appropriate length of led strip would light green). Turn on the controller when finish the setting. The factory default setting is 50 ICs (5 meters). Tip: limited by the power supply, it's max output is 5meters;Additional power supply is needed for more meters.●The function of each button as below:ONOFFMode+Speed+Brightness+Mode-Speed-Brightness-Redmodes groupGreen modes groupBlue modes groupYellow modes groupCyan modes groupPurple modes groupWhite modes groupAutoPauseColored modes groupMode table as below: Red modes groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Static red2Red horse race lamp to left direction3Red horse race lamp to right direction4Red background scan lamp back-for-ward direction5Red water move to right direction6Red water move to left direction7Red trail to left single direction8Red trail to right single direction9Red water trail to right direction10Red trail to left double direction11Red trail to right double direction12Red draw curtain13Red overlay to right direction14Red overlay to left direction15Red stroboflash16Sub red overlay to single direction17Red overlay from middle to both sidesGreen modes groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Static green2Green horse race lamp to left direction3Green horse race lamp to right direction4Green background scan lamp back-for-ward direction5Green water move to right direction6Green water move to left direction7Green trail to left single direction8Green trail to right single direction9Green water trail to right direction10Green trail to left double direction11Green trail to right double direction12Green draw curtain13Green overlay to right direction14Green overlay to left direction15Green stroboflash16Sub green overlay to single direction17Green overlay from middle to both sidesBlue modes groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Static blue2Blue horse race lamp to left direction3Blue horse race lamp to right direction4Blue background scan lamp back-for-ward direction5Blue water move to right direction6Blue water move to left direction7Blue trail to left single direction8Blue trail to right single direction9Blue water trail to right direction10Blue trail to left double direction11Blue trail to right double direction12Blue draw curtain13Blue overlay to right direction14Blue overlay to left direction15Blue stroboflash16Sub blue overlay to single direction17Blue overlay from middle to both sidesYellow mode groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Static yellow2Yellow horse race lamp to left direction3Yellow horse race lamp to right direction4Yellow background scan lamp back-for-ward direction5Yellow water move to right direction6Yellow water move to left direction7Yellow trail to left single direction8Yellow trail to right single direction9Yellow water trail to right direction10Yellow trail to left double direction11Yellow trail to right double direction12Yellow draw curtain13Yellow overlay to right direction14Yellow overlay to left direction15Yellow stroboflash16Sub yellow overlay to single direction17Yellow overlay from middle to both sidesCyan mode groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Static cyan2Cyan horse race lamp to left direction3Cyan horse race lamp to right direction4Cyan background scan lamp back-for-ward direction5Cyan water move to right direction6Cyan water move to left direction7Cyan trail to left single direction8Cyan trail to right single direction9Cyan water trail to right direction10Cyan trail to left double direction11Cyan trail to right double direction12Cyan draw curtain13Cyan overlay to right direction14Cyan overlay to left direction15Cyan stroboflash16Sub cyan overlay to single direction17Cyan overlay from middle to both sidesPurple mode groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Static purple2Purple horse race lamp to left direction3Purple horse race lamp to right direction4Purple background scan lamp back-for-ward direction5Purple water move to right direction6Purple water move to left direction7Purple trail to left single direction8Purple trail to right single direction9Purple water trail to right direction10Purple trail to left double direction11Purple trail to right double direction12Purple draw curtain13Purple overlay to right direction14Purple overlay to left direction15Purple stroboflash16Sub purple overlay to single direction17Purple overlay from middle to both sidesWhite mode groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Static white2White horse race lamp to left direction3White horse race lamp to right direction4White background scan lamp back-for-ward direction5White water move to right direction6White water move to left direction7White trail to left single direction8White trail to right single direction9White water trail to right direction10White trail to left double direction11White trail to right double direction12White draw curtain13White overlay to right direction14White overlay to left direction15White stroboflash16Sub white overlay to single direction17White overlay from middle to both sidesColored mode groupNO.Mode descriptionNO.Mode description1Seven color jumpy change2Seven color scan lamp back-for-ward direction3Seven color cycling water move to right direction4Seven color breathing lamp back-for-ward direction5Seven color jumping trail to left single direction6Seven color jumping trail to right single direction7Seven color gradually change8Full color wave to right direction9Seven color water move to left direction10Colorful switch11Seven color overlay to left and right direction12Seven color background overlay to double direction13Seven color overlay from middle to both sides14Seven color background overlay middle to both sides15Sub seven color move back-for-ward direction16Sub seven color jump and move back-for-ward17Sub seven color background move back-for-ward18Sub seven color spread back-for-ward19Sub seven color water move to left and right20Sub seven color spread from middle to both sides21Sub seven color stretch from middle to both sides22Sub seven color stretch to single direction23Sub seven color overlay to single directionTypical Applications Notes 1. Supply voltage of this product is AC85V-256V, never connect to others power supply. 2. Before using the infrared remote, the insulating film should be removed.3. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to grade that connecting diagram offers.4. This product is not to overload;5. Warranty of this product is one year, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.Common ProblemsProblemsPossible causeSolution1.Lamp does not light after powerPower cord is not properly connected, or there is not output switching power supplyConnect the power cord properly or replay the powerLamp power cord is not connected or short circuitConnected lighting power cord2. After connecting some of the load the controller does not workThe connected load is too large,so that it has burned in some of the components of the controllerReplace parts of components or replace the controller3. After connecting to power the controller is working properly,but remote control can not work1. The blank on the button cell of remote controller did not pulled out 2. the remote controller do not target the receiver1.Take away the transparent blank 2.Target the remote controller to the receiver

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