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Wudang Liangyi Boxing

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Tai Ji is originated from the Infinity. It is the originator of the Two Extremes. The Two Extremes comes from the phenomenon of separating Yin and Yang.Liang Yi Quan is also known as Tai Yi Quan. The practice includes hand,Website:http://www.chinesetkungfu.com, eye, body, steps and explosive internal power. Its characteristics are combination of slow and fast, soft and hard, lightening reflects, and thundering movements. In combat application, it equips one with ways of starting late but reaching first. It is a must for Tai Ji practitioners. In Daoism, it is said that "Tai Ji is formed when combining Yin and Yang; the Two Extremes are formed when separating Yin and Yang." Infinity is for training in mind, Tai Ji in the flow of internal energy through control of mind, and Liang Yi Quan in using the mind and internal energy for external power. As Liang Yi Quan combines fast and slow, soft and hard, and Yin and Yang, it is called theTwo Extremes.In this Academy, Xuan Wu Quan and Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan are the 2 advanced sets available to those who have achieved the basic skills, in particular the skill in internal control.

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