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X Series Pre-effect Processor

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Application:Permanently installed entertainment concert halls, multi purpose hall, performing arts center, lounge bar, KTV, nightclubs, etc. 1 This series is the effect of having a Kara OK speaker processor functions, each part features are independently adjustable;  (2) using 24Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP;  3.MUSIC input channel features a 7-band parametric equalizer;  4.MIC input channels with 15-band parametric equalizer;  5 The main output has a 5-band parametric equalizer;  6 in the rear output and sub woofer has a 3-band parametric equalizer;  7 There are three microphone feedback mechanisms;  8 can store 16 kinds of patterns;  9 microphone output, the main output, the output in the home, has a sub woofer output limiter and delay function;  10 site administrator mode and user mode: user mode can not be stored in the adjustment parameters;  11 The machine has a full-function menu can also be set via PC interface. Model DSP2400,DSP2600,DSP3600,DSP4800Maximum input level 4V (RMS)Maximum output level 4V (RMS)Music channel gain MAX:12DBMicrophone sensitivity  64MV (OUT: 4V)SNR > 80DBInput voltage 220V/50Hz220V/50HZ(H x W x D ) 438mmx218.5mmx47.5mmWeight 3.5kgMusic1Musicparametric equalizer 7 segment2 music to the main output high-pass filter 12dB/24dB (0Hz - 303Hz)Microphone

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