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Xaar Omnidot 760 Head Assy - Ky-09015

Product Description

Product Code: PH-AS009
Availability: In Stock

Price:  $1,530.00

Manufacturer: Xaar
Printer compatibility: Mutoh Zephyr 65 / Zephyr TS, Teckwin Teckstorm TS300 / Teckstorm TS600
DP part number : PPHXA12403


This Xaar Omnidot 760 printhead is suitable for Mutoh Zephyr 65 / Zephyr TS printers. The Xaar Omnidot 760 provides the optimum in flexibility, quality, reliability and speed. Based on Xaar’s unique patented multi-pulse greyscale technology Xaar 760 is user-definable and delivers a choice of binary or dynamic variable drop sizes, ranging from 8pl to 40pl.

Each of the 760 nozzles are controlled independently to create a printed result with exceptionally smooth gradation and tonal range – ideal for high quality graphics, packaging and traditional print applications.

This is the original Mutoh part (number KY-09015).

Product Specifications  

  • Active nozzles: 764
  • Print swathe width: 53.8 mm
  • Nozzle pitch: 70.6 μm 
  • Nozzle density: 360 npi
  • Drop velocity: 6 m/s
  • Printhead weight: 130 g
  • Dimensions: 86 x 42.2 x 164.8 mm
  • Drop volume: 8 pl
  • Typical firing frequency: 40 kHz

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