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Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China xenon lamps manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory we are always able to produce low price xenon lamps, xenonlamp, xenon lampen, xenon lampe with reliable quality.Introduce: Xenon lamp filled with xenon gas, the discharged gas lamp which output pulse light in the way of pulse discharge, called pulsed xenon lamp. Our xenon lamp with high density as electrode, we can customized as customer requirements according to the current, pulse width, frequency, light-emitting state, the energy level of longevity etc.Pulse xenon lamp using electrical energy storage, make high intensity flash in a very short period of time. Pulse xenon lamp consists of two electrodes sealed in a glass or quartz tube. Lamp tube charge with inert gas like xenon, xenon lamp is the most commonly consumable parts of laser cutting machine, there are 3 reasons which effect the lifetime of xenon lamp:1.Frequent lighting. It is best to minimize the times of lighting, to prolong the life time of xenon lamp;2.Water temperature and water quality. To maintain the water temperature at 25℃, keep the water quality in good level;3.Cutting thick plate. Compared with the thick plate cutting, thin plate cutting will help to prolong xenon lamp life time;When cutting speed slowed, (and the cutting plate thickness decreases), first check the lens, second check xenon lamp pole, if turn black, replacement of xenon lamp.Specification:Model No.Diameter (mm)Electrode Spacing (mm)Length(mm)Terminal Diameter(mm)¢7×125×250- With Wire7125250¢8×100×250-¢581002505¢8×115×255-¢581152555¢8×125×270-¢581252705 or 5.5¢8×140×280-¢581402805¢8×150×290-¢581502905¢8×150×300-¢581503005¢7×120×240-Soft Joint7120240¢8×170×360-¢5 Soft Joint8170360¢9×130×264-¢591302645¢9×130×264-¢691302646¢9×130×270-¢591302705¢9×130×270-¢691302706¢9×140×280-¢591402805¢9×150×290-¢591502905¢9×150×300-¢591503005¢9×170×315-¢591703155¢9×170×360-¢5 Soft Joint9170360¢8×170×365-Soft Joint8170365¢7×125×250- With Wire7125250¢8×100×250-¢581002505¢8×115×255-¢581152555¢8×125×270-¢581252705¢8×140×280-¢581402805¢8×150×290-¢581502905¢8×150×300-¢581503005¢7×120×240-Soft Joint7120240¢8×170×360-¢5 Soft Joint8170360¢9×130×264-¢591302645¢9×130×264-¢691302646¢9×130×270-¢591302705¢9×130×270-¢691302706¢9×140×280-¢591402805¢9×150×290-¢591502905¢9×150×300-¢591503005¢9×170×315-¢591703155¢9×170×365-¢5 Soft Joint9170365¢9×180×375-¢591803755¢8×170×365-Soft Joint8170365

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