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Xyg-200 300℃ High Temperature Grease

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XYG-200  300℃ High  Temperature GreaseBasic Information: Base OilHigh-viscosity synthetic oilThis grease is produced under special process.ThickenerSpecial thickenerAdditivesAnti wear, anti oxidant, antirust etc. Typical Values: ItemTypical ValuesAppearanceBlack even ointmentWorked cone penetration, 0.1mm260~310Dropping Point,℃ ≥300 ℃Evaporation (200℃, 1h) %  (m/m) ≤3.0Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100℃, 3h) GradePASSExtreme-pressure performance: 4-ball test PB, N  ≥980Features: → Special high temperature performance,    good anti-wear extreme pressure property, and excellent lubrication    performance.→ Added with a new type of particular solid lubricant to    reduce the slip friction between the surfaces between metal.Application: → Applied to the lubrication of    high temperature bearings of  crystallizer    of continuous caster, electromagnetic mixer of steel-making blast furnace,    Casthouse Roller, Crane tank for molten steel, Cast car, etc.→ Also    applied to the lubrication of sliding parts in metallurgy: Metallurgy,    sintering machine in cement industry, bearings  of high-temperature furnace, chains, gears,    bearings in industries of ceramics, textile industry etc.Temperature range:  -50℃~300℃, it can be up  to 600℃ for short period of time.

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