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Xyg-301 Anti Clench Grease

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XYG-301 Anti Clench GreaseBasic  Information:Base OilSynthetic oilThickenerA variety of componentsAdditivesExtreme presure, and anti-bonding    solid paddingTypical Values: ItemTypical ValuesAppearanceGray-black uniform ointment1/4    worked cone penetration, 0.1mm58~68Evaporation    (200℃, 1h)    % (m/m) ≤3.0Corrosion (No. 45 sheet copper, 100℃, 3h) % ≤PASSOil filtering under pressure     %  (m/m) ≥5.0Four-ball test, sinter load,  PD,  N     ≥5880Features: 1) Excellent adhesion, rust preventive, wear resistant.2) Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosive.3) Excellent high temperature performance, extreme pressure properties and anti-adhesion properties.Application: Applicable to the lubrication and anti-adhesion for the screw thread of drill tightening parts and tight fitting parts, used in the    industries of geological exploration, mining engineering, railways, highways, building construction etc.Temperature range:  -30℃~200℃.

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