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Xyg-315 Motor Bearing Grease

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XYG-315 Motor Bearing GreaseBasic Information: Base OilIntensively refined mineral oil.Thickener12-hydroxy stearate lithium soap.AdditivesAnti oxidant, antirust etc.Typical Values: ItemTypical Values2# 3# Worked cone penetration (0.1mm)265~295220~250Dropping Point, ℃ ≥175180Corrosion (T2 sheet    copper,100℃,24h) % ≤No green or black changeExtreme-pressure    performance: 4-ball test, PB, N, ≥588Anti corrosion (52    ºC, 48 h), Grade1Low Temperature    Torque (-20℃), N·M     Starting Torque   ≤     Running Torque  ≤ 0.220.05 0.290.04Features: →Fibre structure of the lubricant is reasonable, evenly distributed, ensuring good grease structure property under shearing. →Good property of anti corrosion, preventing bearing from corrosion during operation. →Great property of noise reduction, effectively lower bearing vibration.Application: →Suitable for lubrication of rolling bearings for small and medium motor, and rolling bearings for other facilities under low load.Temperature range: -40ºC~100ºC.

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