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Xyg-316 High Speed Bearing Grease

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Hangzhou Xinya Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China high speed bearing grease manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional company, our factory offers you cheap high speed bearing grease products with best quality. Welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.XYG-316  High Speed Bearing GreaseBasic  Information: Base OilSynthetic oilThickenerOrganic thickenerAdditivesAnti oxidant, Rust inhibitor    etc.Typical Values:ItemsUnitTypical ValuesDropping Point℃ ≥170Worked cone penetration,0.1mm265~295Corrosion (T2 sheet copper, 100℃, 24h)--No green or black changeSteel mesh oil filtering (100℃,24h)% ≤5Evaporation (99℃, 24h)% ≤2Oxidation invariability (99℃, 100h, 0.760Mpa) pressure  fallsMpa ≤0.07Features: Excellent abrasion resistance, oxidation stability, mechanical stability, colloid stability, and long service life etc.Application: For lubrication of high speed meters and bearings in textile and mechanical processing industry, for instance, a variety of high-speed bearings, high-speed long-life gyro motor, high-speed grinder etc.Temperature range: -40℃~100℃.

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