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Xyg-319 Gear Case Caulk Specialized Grease

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XYG-319  Gear Case Caulk Specialized Grease Basic  Information: Base OilImported base oilThis product is produced under special process and formula, to prevent the leakage of gear box; with long operation life, and strong heavy load performance.ThickenerUrea compoundAdditives--Typical Values: ItemTypical ValuesNLGI Grade0#, 00#, 000#Corrosion (T2 sheet copper, 100℃, 24h) %  ≤PASSEvaporation (99℃, 22h) % ≤2.0Extreme-pressure performance: 4-ball test, PB, N  ≤588Features: 1) Reduce leakage, save fuel, long service life, shorter maintenance work hours;2) Better performances of anti-rust, noise reduction, heavy and shock load capacity.3) Small friction coefficient, better lubrication performance, favorable energy saving ability.4) Good thermal stability, no emulsification or degeneration after contacting with water.Application: Mainly used for various types of gear boxes, pot wheel deceleration facilities, open-gear, gear sprocket chain, CVT sprocket.Temperature range:  -20℃~160℃.

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