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Xyg-670 Synthetic High Temperature Chain Oil

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XYG-670 Synthetic High  Temperature Chain OilThis product is made from refined synthetic oil, added with  additives of anti oxidant, antirust etc.Typical Values: ItemsTypical ValuesKinematic Viscosity (100℃) mm/s24~27Viscosity Index ≥110Neutralization Value  mgKOH/g  ≤0.5Flash Point (Open)  ℃  ≥240Evaporation  (200℃, 6h),%   ≤10Features: 1) Good high temperature performance, operating temperature can be 250 degrees Celsius; 2) Great abrasion resistance, being able to bear considerably high load; 3) Little carbon leftover, keeping chain clear for long periods; 4) Great viscosity-temperature characteristics, facility easy to start at low temperature; 5) Little volatilization, saving lubricating material, no environmental pollution, improving working conditions.Application: For lubrication of chains of high temperature facilities, for example, stretching machine for textile, printing and dyeing, and injection molding; thermo-fixing machines; and high temperature oven.Temperature range: -32℃~250℃. Notes: 1) Get lubrication parts cleaned to avoid contamination before using this grease. 2) Do not mix with other oils and fats.3) Seal it promptly after using, to prevent dust pollution.

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