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Y Shaped Flange Filter

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Wenzhou Zhitong Pipe Co.,Ltd is one of the professional y shaped flange filter manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.zhitongpv.de, welcome to wholesale high-quality y shaped flange filter from our factory and also welcome to check the price with us.Product Overview The Y shaped filter of Anix is an indispensable device for a media conveying pipe system. It is usually installed at the inlets of hydraulic control valves or other equipments to remove particle impurities from the media to maintain normal operation of the valves or equipments. The Y shaped filter screen is of double layer stainless steel structure, sturdy and durable. With the features of advanced structure, small flow resistance and convenient blowdown, etc., it can be used for many types of media, such as water, steam, oil products, nitric acid, urea and oxidants. The number of meshes of the filter screen shall be determined based on the requirements of the users, usually 18-30 for water screens, 40-100 for gas screens, and 100-480 for oil screens. Furthermore, the Y shaped filter can be combined with expansion joints to form a Y shaped drawbar extension filter.Design StandardPerformance SpecificationProduct Structure

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