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Y2 Series Three Phase Asynchronous Induction Electric Motor Asynchronous Motor

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Y2 series Three Phase Asynchronous Induction Electric MotorYTS series motor is developed specially for hoist frequency control of motor speed three phase asynchronous motor according to actual operation of the mining hoist class load,The power of this series motor is supplied by frequency charger, within 0 ~ 50 Hz for constant torque speed control, within 50 ~ 100 Hz for constant power speed control constant power speed. Has a big start torque, strong overload capacity, speed smooth, reliable running small noise etc., It is the ideal product of the continuously viable and intelligent control for hoist machinery .Motor protection class is IP23, cooling way is IC01, namely motor is the system of open and the circulating ventilation cooling , with good ventilation and heat dissipation capacity, and eliminate the disadvantages of large ventilation and the mistake of motor to the generally rely on additional axial flow fan motor frequency conversion speed control of forced ventilation cooling .Motor for S1 continuous duty, Insulation class 155 (F)-level, adopts special electromagnetic wire and frequency conversion motor winding insulation structure, the nominal state (rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power, nominal power and S1 duty), winding temperature rise generally not more than 65K, having a high operating reliability.

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