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Y32 Hydraulic Press

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Product Description
1) Y32 Serial Press composed of main body and control devices which respectively formed with frame, main cylinder, knock-out cylinder, hydraulic system and drive mechanism, lower and upper limit switches pipe lines, electrical control cabinet and etc. 2) Drive mechanism includes oil tank, high pressure pumps, low pressure control sytem, valves, Electrical control system is designed according to the working procedure of hydraulic principle. By preset, sequential operation can be achieved by drive mechanism via pumps, cylindres, valves, tank and pipe lines. 3) The press Y32 is appliable to compression of plastic materials, For example, powder and plastics products forming and heat/cool metal extrusion, metal sheet drawing, stamping, bending, edge-folding, straightening, depressed mounting and etc. 4) Independent drive structures and electrical devices insure reliable operation with centered control buttons. Adjustment, manual operation and semi-automatic operation, three modes are provided respectively for your choice. 5) The working pressure, pressing speed, unload-descending speed and decelerated pressing speed can be respectively adjusted in reqirements. By preset, knock-out, non-knock-out and drawing can be taken out with pressure-depentdent or distance-dependent movement of die. In the case of pressure-dependent movement, the main cylinder of YQ32 type press initiates pressure-holding, time delay and automatic return.NAMEUNITYEV32-FOUR COLUMNS HYDRAULIC PRESS4063100100160160B200315400500500C6308001000125016002000PRESSKN4006301000100016001600200031504000500050006300800010000125001600020000OUT-PRESSKN12019019019040040040063063010001000100016002000200020003200MAX PRESSUREMpa2525252525252525252525252525252526BLOCK MAX TRAVELmm4505006007007007008008009009009009009009009009001300PISTON TRAVELmm150200200200200200250300300350350350350400400400500OPENING MOUTHmm700750880880900100011001250125015001500150015001600160016001800BLOCKSPEEDEMPTYmm/s2020221201001001001001001001008080808080110WORKINGmm/s14141414121286-85-756108106-106-104-9RETURNmm/s451204712070705260457070607060504070WORKING TABLE DIMENSIONL-rmm500580720720680100010001260124014002400150015001580170020003200F-B4605005805806208009001200120014001400150014001600160016002200MAIN POWERKW5.

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