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Yb Series Preinstalled Type Transformer Substation

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Overview:  YB series compact wind power is a kind of box-type substation 0.6-0.69KV voltage wind turbine issue raised after the special equipment to 35KV grid output.  Compact box-type substation is our company based on user need to combine the advantages of European American substation development of new products, the product reduces the cost of European box changes to address the failure to protect American box changed, European box changes the main variable disadvantage of poor heat dissipation.  Conditions of use and the environment:  1, the cooling conditions: cold air from  2, the use of the environment  Outdoor ambient temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, not lower than -45 ℃, altitude not exceeding 1000m, the monthly average temperature does not exceed 30 ℃, the annual average temperature does not exceed 20 ℃. At 25 ℃, air humidity compared to no more than 95 %, the monthly average of less than 90%.  Horizontal acceleration is not greater than 0.3g, the vertical acceleration is not greater than 0.15g. Installation should be no significant environmental contamination, non-explosive, corrosive gas and dust, the installation site should be no severe vibration impact, requires the installation of the concrete platform or other flat, solid platform on.  Features:  1, small size, compact structure, easy installation;  2, for the ring can also be used for the terminal, and reliable protection of personal safety;  3, low damage, low noise and excellent performance;  4, the use of anti-theft box structure;  5, low temperature, strong overload capacity.

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