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Yh-03a Tds Paper Industry Grade Bentonite

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YH-EP Paper Industry grade BentoniteYH-EP is Na-Bentonite, It presents strong colloidal properties and its volume increases several times when coming into contact with water, creating a gelatinous and viscous fluid. It is used to modified starch adhesive, increase the solid content, reduce moisture; can plug and fill the paper fiber gap; reduce moisture penetration, increase the adhesive stick early And the speed of drying, is the ideal fast-drying agent. It also used in “Cation polyacrylamide / bentonite retention system”.1. Properties: ItemSPECIFICATION(Hunter)Whiteness %≥ 88.00pH value, (2% suspension)≥ 10.50Swell Index (ml/2g)≥ 18.00Bulk Density g/ml≤ 0.60Moisture, %≤ 10.00Fineness,45um(Pass 325mesh)%≥ 95.002. Typical Chemical Analysis(approx content):CotentSiO2Al2O3MgOCaONa2OK2OFe2O3loss on ignitionp161. Package & Storage:The package : kraft complex or plastic weaving bag interior with PE.The weight : 50±0.2kg 25±0.2kg ,20±0.2kg per bag,The package and weight also can be customized.Product should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry place.Storage life : two years.NOTE: The information herein is currently believed to be accurate. We do not guarantee its accuracy. Purchasers shall not rely on statements herein when purchasing any products. Purchasers should make their own investigations to determine if such products are suitable for a particular use. The products discussed are sold without warranty, express or implied, including a warranty of merchantability and fitness for use. Purchases will be subject to a separate agreement which will not incorporate this document.

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