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Yh-c Tds Inorganic Bentonite

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YH-C is a modified bentonite for water-based systems1.Advantages:☆ Good thickening and thixotropy property.☆ Good swelling property.☆ Good transparency.☆ Economical in price.2.Typical Properties:ColorAppearanceMoisture(@105℃,2hrs)Fineness through 200 meshWhitenessSurface viscosity(c.ps)PH value(10%suspension )Light WhiteFree Flowing Powder≤13.0%≥95%>651509-133.Typical Applications:● Mulsion paint ● Precision casting● Water-based paint● Slurry● All kinds of paste4.Incorporations:YH-C can be added directly in powder form. No need for polar actiator or pre-gel. Recommended procedures are as follows:A.WaterB.YH-C(Dispersing at high speed shear for 15-30minutes).C.Other additives (film-forming agent,dispersing agent,defoaming agent, etc.)D.Pigment and filler (Mixing and dispersing).E.Emulsion (Mixing).F.Post correct.5.Recommended Levels:The amount of YH-C rheological additive required depends upon the specific system and the degree of thickening or other properties desired. Addition levels are typically between 0.5%-3.0% based on the total formulation weight.NOTE: The information herein is currently believed to be accurate. We do not guarantee its accuracy. Purchasers shall not rely on statements herein when purchasing any products. Purchasers should make their own investigations to determine if such products are suitable for a particular use. The products discussed are sold without warranty, express or implied, including a warranty of merchantability and fitness for use. Purchases will be subject to a separate agreement which will not incorporate this document.

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