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Yh-ev Inoganic Bentonite Clay Price In China

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Product SpecsAppearance:Grey PowderApplication:Mid-class Emulsion Paint;water-based inkWhiteness:>75PH Value:10-12Surface viscosity(c.ps):>500Montmorillonite content(%)>:85Product DescriptionYH-EV Water-based bentonite rheological additive    YH-EV water-based bentonite rheological additive is a purification of modified montmorillonite clay.It is a kind of highly-efficient wanter-based inorganic gel.It is widely used in thickening,suspension and rheology-control of water-based coating.YH-EV is a clay with feature of grey white,toxic tasteless,soft texture,wide PH range etc.It is Highly-mobile powder. It is good thickener,emulsion stabilizer,rheological additive of water-based system.Its gel is similar with the American Vander Bill Ltd's Veegum or Magnabrite gel product.It is widely applied in water-based systempaint,middle to high grade emlsion paint,nano-meter industies and so on.Use MethodYH-EV can be added directly in powder form. No need for polar actiator or pre-gel. Recommended procedures are as follows:A. WaterB. YH-EV(Dispersing at high speed shear for 15-30minutes).C. Other additives (film-forming agent,dispersing agent,defoaming agent, etc.)D. Pigment and filler (Mixing and dispersing).E. Emulsion (Mixing).F. Post correct.Advantage  ☆ Good thickening and thixotropy property.  ☆ Good swelling property.  ☆ Good transparency.  ☆ Economical in price.  ☆ High purity.  ☆ Wide PH Value

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