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Yt Series Three Phase Axial-ventilating Induction Motors

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YT SERIES THREE PHASE AXIAL-VENTILATING INDUCTION MOTORSYZP series frequency-conversion speed regulating three-phase asynchronous motor (Hereafter motor is called. ) for metallurgical and hoisting use integrates advantage of frequency-conversion to result in the features of great overloading capacity, high mechanical strength, wide range of speed regulation and stable operation. Its basic technical specifications are in conformance with IEC34-1 and GB755 and all the performance indexes of motors are equivalent to international level of 1990s. The series equipment is suitably applied for various kinds of hoisting and metallurgical machinery, or other similar equipment, as well as in the cases of frequently starting, braking and reversing.Main Technical Datas: 1) Apply to high-frequency wave voltage; 2) Rated Voltage: 380V(AC); 3) Rated Frequency: 50Hz; 4) Insulation Class: F or H; 5) Protection: IP54 or IP55; 6) Range of Speed Regulation: 3Hz to 100Hz (3Hz--50Hz-Invariable for torque, 50Hz--100Hz-constant power); 7) Height Above Sea Level: not more than 1000m; 8) Relative Humidity: not more than 90%; 9) Cooling: IC411(frame size from 112mm to 132mm), IC416(frame size from 160mm to 355mm); 10) Connection Types: Y(frame size not more than 180mm), Triangle(frame size is equal or greater than 200mm); 11) Can work under twice rated torque takes about 1 minutes when motors work in rated voltage and rated frequency.

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