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Yz Yzr Series Gear Motor For Cranes Portable Crane Engine Crane

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YZ YZR Series gear motor for cranes portable crane engine craneYZ series crane motors are the latest design motor having large overload capacity and high mechanical strength characteristics,Website:http://www.xitanghongda.com, particularly suitable for driving various types of mechanical or metallurgical and lifting Other similar devices. YZR series wound rotor motor. The motor can operate normally under the following conditions: (1) the cooling medium temperature does not exceed 60℃(metallurgical motors) or 40℃(lifting motor) (2) no more than 1000 meters above sea level (3) regular, significant mechanical vibration and shock. The motor can work under the following load conditions (1) frequent starting and reversing (2) electrical or mechanical brake frequently The motor rated frequency of 50 Hz, rated voltage of 380 volts. Connection: power is 132 kW and less than 132 kilowatts of stator winding with Y connection, and the rest by connection.

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