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Yzr/yz Series Hoisting Motor And Crane Motor

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YZR/YZ Series Hoisting Motor And Crane MotorYZP series of metallurgical and lifting VVVF three-phase asynchronous motor is the system frequency control devices for the power supply control three-phase asynchronous motor with inverter device consisting of The system can achieve variable speed; to save energy and control automation purposes. Because of the high efficiency,Website:http://www.xitanghongda.com, wide speed range, good accuracy, stable starting and braking, and overload Capacity and other characteristics, particularly for applications requiring frequency control, short-term or intermittent cycle operation, frequent starting and braking situations. Motor basic technical requirements in line with IEC34-1 And GB755 standard requirements, installation dimensions conform to international standards IEC72. Motor thermal protection can be attached, heater, encoder, electromagnetic brake, overspeed switches and speed generators and other additional devices to meet user demand for deals.

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