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Zc-203b Transformer Ratio Tester

Product Description

Product Introduction

This product applies to test the transformer ratio, group and polarity of the single/three phase transformer and voltage transformer. It is small volume, light weight, high precision, and good stability.


Product Features

1. The internal integrated amplitude of the instrument is stable and adjustable, the phase is constant, and the output current is large.

2. The device can be used for testing various transformers, current transformers and voltage transformers, and is especially suitable for the test of the Z type winding transformer, the rectifier transformer and the balance transformer.

3. The test precision is high, and the instrument adopts 16 bit high precision AD converter and DSP (digital signal processing) chip, which can ensure the accuracy of the measurement and the ability of anti disturbance.

4. Measurement speed, a set of data test need a few seconds, in the multi - test process of the transformer only need set once the parameters can be completed all the sub - test, greatly improve the efficiency of work.

5. According to the test sample, the instrument can automatically adjust the range, and according to the excitation current of the sample the output power can be adjusted automatically.

6. The interior has a thermal protection, with automatic check wiring function.


Product Parameters

Environment condition:  

Relative humidity


External interference: no special strong vibration, no special strong electromagnetic field


20V  gear: Voltage0~20V  Current 0~10V

The ratio test range

 Group test range

Angle measurement range

0°~ 360° or  - 180°~ 180°

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