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Zeaxanthin 10%/20% Oil

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Are you going to wholesale zeaxanthin 10%/20% oil from a professional zeaxanthin 10%/20% oil producer and supplier? it is one of the well-known zeaxanthin 10%/20% oil manufacturers in China, welcome to contact our factory.What's Zeaxanthin oil? Zeaxanthin is less common in the human diet-coming from certain orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.zeaxanthin is not found in the normal human diet, and is thought to originate from lutein which is extracted from marigold flower.With special technology, we make zeaxanthin in oil or lutein-zeaxanthin mixed oil, broaden range of application. How about zeaxanthin oil stability? Zeaxanthin has better stability compares to others. Stable to acid and alkali , unstable to light and heat.The shelf life of oil is 1 year under cool and dry place, be far from strong sunlightGood stability is tested by CHP2005 which is official method for pharmaceutical material. Specification Product nameZeaxanthin oilCas no.144-68-3Molecular FormulaC40H56O2Molecular Weight568.87AppearanceOrange yellow or red yellow viscous oilZeaxanthin (HPLC) 5.0%~10.0%Loss on Drying≤5.0%Solvent ResidueEthanol≤1000ppmHeavy Metals≤10mg/kgArsenic≤1mg/kgLead≤3mg/kgMercury≤0.1mg/kgCadmium≤1mg/kgHealth InspectionTotal Aerobic≤1000CFU/gMold and Yeast≤100CFU/gE.coli Non-detectiveSalmonellaNon-detective Product functiona.Zeaxanthin as skin cancer inhibitor and care skin. e.Lutein as inhibitor of blood b. Zeaxanthin as inhibitor of LDL cholesterol Oxidizing.   c. Zeaxanthin as inhibitor of tumor and cancer.  d. Zeaxanthin and its oxidative metabolites in chemoprevention of cancer.e. Zeaxanthin  as inhibitor of blood-vessel clogging.f. Zeaxanthin  delays lung aging.Lutein as inhibitor of arthritis.

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