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Zero Inserting Force Connerctor (260 Pins)

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Product Description
Suzhou Ie-Tech Co.,Ltd is one of the best o-inserting force 260 pins manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and we are also a professional company with factory which is able to produce best o-inserting force 260 pins. Welcome to wholesale high-quality products from us.General Information of ConnectorFPC Producer:Suzhou IE-Tech,Co Ltd (SIE) Max Size:50 Cubic cent imeter Characteristic:No contact surface damageProdution Method:InjectionMaterial: Diversity types of Plastic+ Metal Min Tolence: 0.01 Mirco Meter ±0.05/ ±0.01Temperature: -40℃~85℃Humidity:90%~95% Resistance:Normal 5000MΩVoltage:Normal:1500V 50Hz ACVibration Shock:Shock 10Hz~2000Hz,10m/sLife:10000-20000Pin Diameter mmΦ0.8Φ1Φ1.2Φ1.5Φ2.0Φ2.5Φ2.8Φ3.5Contact Resistance mΩ20151065443Current A2571020203050

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