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Zinc Anode

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Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of zinc anode. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor zinc rod anode, zinc sacrificial anode, marine zinc anode, zinc ribbion at competitive price. Zinc  AnodeXi’an Taijin’s  sacrificial Zinc Anodes are applied in Low Resistivity Soils below 1000Ω-cm and in Sea Water or produced Brines.. Zinc Anodes are widely used in bulkheads, piers and pilings, heat exchanger and condenser, pipelines, vessels and tankers. etc.The performance of Zinc Anodes is affected by the chemical composition of the alloy, we have different alloy series to meet customer's request. Special shape, size and chemical composition anodes can be manufactured according your request.Zinc Alloys Chemical Composition: Elements ASTM B418 TYPE I MIL A -18001K ASTM B418 TYPE II Aluminum 0.01- 0.50 0.005 max Cadmium 0.025-0.07 0.003 max Lead 0.006 max 0.003 max Copper 0.005 max Iron 0.005 max 0.0014 max Others(each) 0.02 max Total others 0.05max Zinc Remainder Remainder Applications:• Hulls of ships, barges, boats and tugs• Ballast tanks of tankers, ore carriers and freighters• Bulkheads• Piers and Pilings• Pipelines• Heat Exchangers

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