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Zinc Ballast Tank Anode

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Product Description
Zinc Ballast tank anode Sacrificial Zinc anodes are used in applications for protecting the pipelines and marine structures from corrosion in seawater and saline mud. Zinc anode also suitable for the protection of storage tanks, fishing boat, submarine, stern drive and offshore platform, etc. The Zinc anodes we supply operating at an efficiency of 95% in seawater. Zinc Ballast tank anode size and weight Size 1500x(65+75) x70 100x(58.5+78.5) x68 800x(56+74) x65 1143x(48+54) x51 800x(58+64) x60 650x(58+64) x70 Weight 52.8kg 33.0kg 25.0kg 22.0kg 22.0kg 18.0kg *The Dim. Refers to length x width x thickness in mm * We also take customers’ requirements order. Draft for the anode: sacrificial anode(single iron leg) sacrificial anode(double iron leg) sacrificial anode(bolt connected)

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