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Zinc-free Engine Oil Additive Package Lube Additive

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zinc-free engine oil additive package lube additiveT3315 Zinc-Free Railway Locomotive Engine Oil Additive PackageProduct IntroductionT3315 is zinc-free railway locomotive engine oil additive package prepared from varieties of good quality detergent, dispersant, anti-rust agent and high temperature antioxidant .It has good detergency,dispersancy,anti-rust and antioxidant performance,which can guard against high temperature deposition and film.It can meet the hard requirement of railway locomotive application,and provide locomotive effective protection for a long time.ApplicationĀ This product is suitable for railway locomotive four generations lubricating oil,which can meet the ND4 locomotives and domestic high power lubrication requirements of railway locomotives.Reference DosageEnd ProductDosageRailway locomotive four generations lubricating oil12.5

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