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Zinc Sheet

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Product detailsProducts nameGalvanized steel sheetapplicationthickness2.0mmKitchen oven、sink、kitchen utensils, shelves, etc.Drying machines and other agricultural equipments、greenhouses, silos, shell storehouse, warehouseAutomotive and train inner decoration、partition、container、isolation fences、ships diaphragm plate、air purifier、various pipes、adapter board on ship、oil purifier、with the front seat plate.width500-1250mmweight3-5tRoll diameter508mm/ 610mmmaterialDX51D+Z, S280GD+Z, S350GD+Z, CSB, S350GD, S320GD+Z, SGCCfilm thickness14-30um/ 5-30umSurfaceWith oilcomponent contentC-0.041, SI-0.018, MN-0.187, P-0.011, S-0.006hardnessHB210, HB230brightnessbright finishExport PackagedRegular TypeSteel coil has three layers of packing.Kraft paper is in inside.Water plastic film is in the middle.Galvanized steel sheet is covered outside.All of three are tied by steel strips with lock.And there’ll be inner tube to support the coil.Inner tube material can be iron or thick paper.Wood pallet can be chosen.Packaged Two:Vertical TypePut the coil in vertical,take a pallet on the bottom and take a cover on the top.Then tie them by steel strip and lock.That’s the vertical packaged.Packaged Three:Plate TypeSteel sheet packaged is same with coil packaged.There’re kraft paper,water plastic film,galvanized steel sheet,steel strip and lock.Wood pallet will be on the bottom.

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