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Zirconia Ceramic Shaft

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Product Description
Zirconia Ceramic Shaft has a series of good properties,Website:http://www.ceramic-metal-parts.com,such as high strength,good fracture toughness,high density,good abrasion resistance,high hardness and so on.Zirconia ceramic shaft can be used as good abrasive and efficient grinding media.Zirconia Ceramic Shaft  parameterItemTest ConditionUnit&SymbolZirconia Ceramic ShaftThe main chemical ingredientZrO2:95%  Y2O3:5%                                Bulk Densityg/cm³6Maximum Use Temperature1300℃Water absorption%0ROHS HardnessHRA≥83Compressive Strength20℃Kgf/cm²2500Fracture   ToughnessMap.m³/26~8Coefficient of thermal expansion    /℃9.5*10~6Thermal Shock ResistanceTc℃360Volume   aResistivity20℃ΩNaN20℃>1012

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