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Zirconium Planar And Rotatable Targets

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High pure oxide, a silicon oxide, silicon dioxide and hafnium oxide, zirconium oxide, titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, dioxide Ti, V 2O 3 titanium pentoxide (Ta2O5), five oxide niobium, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium trioxide scandium oxide indium and cerium oxide, magnesium oxide, tungsten oxide, copper oxide, iron oxide, samarium oxide, neodymium oxide, lanthanum oxide, yttrium oxide, ytterbium oxide, gadolinium oxide, lutetium oxide, terbium oxide, holmium oxide, europium oxide, thulium oxide, erbium oxide, bismuth oxide, praseodymium oxide, antimony oxide, vanadium oxide, nickel oxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, chromium oxide, strontium oxide, copper oxide, high purity oxides. High purity fluoride:High Purity Dysprosium Fluoride, neodymium fluoride, potassium fluoride, strontium fluoride, sodium fluoride, barium fluoride, lead fluoride, aluminum fluoride, cerium fluoride, MgF2, samarium trifluoride, neodymium fluoride, lanthanum fluoride, yttrium fluoride, ytterbium fluoride, fluoride rolling, lutetium trifluoride, terbium fluoride, fluoride thulium, erbium fluoride, praseodymium fluoride and other fluoride.High purity metallic materials (purity 99.9%-99.9999%): Aluminum, high pure aluminum, high pure aluminum wire, high pure aluminum particles, high pure aluminum sheet, aluminum target, aluminum evaporation material, aluminum electrodeCopper, high copper, high pure copper, pure copper, copper particles, copper target, copper evaporation material, copper electrodeChrome, high pure chromium, high pure chromium chromium chromium powder, high purity, high pure chromium, chromium, chromium target, chromium evaporation material,Cobalt, high purity, high purity cobalt particles, cobalt target, CO evaporation material,Kim, Gao Chunjin, high pure gold, gold, gold grain, gold target, gold evaporation material, gold electrodeSilver, silver high, high pure silver, silver high grain, high purity silver, silver target, silver evaporation material, silver electrodePlatinum, high pure platinum, high pure platinum, platinum, platinum target, platinum evaporation material, platinum electrodeHigh purity hafnium hafnium hafnium powder, high purity, high purity hafnium, high purity hafnium hafnium hafnium particle target segmentTungsten, tungsten, tungsten, tungsten, tungsten, tungsten, tungsten, tungsten, tungstenMolybdenum, high purity molybdenum, high pure molybdenum, high purity molybdenum, molybdenum target,molybdenum wire Silicon, high purity silicon, high purity silicon, high purity polysilicon, silicon, high purity silicon, silicon targetHigh purity germanium, germanium, high purity germanium, germanium, germanium, germanium target, evaporation materialManganese, high pure manganese, high pure manganese, manganese powderMagnesium, high purity magnesium, magnesium wire, magnesium sheet, magnesium targetNiobium, high purity niobium, niobium, niobium, niobium sheet, niobium plate, niobium targetTin, pure tin, pure tin grain, high purity tin wire, tin tin target evaporation material.Zinc, high purity zinc, high purity zinc, zinc wire, zinc anode, zinc targetVanadium, high vanadium, high purity vanadium, vanadium, vanadium targetIron, high iron, high iron particles, high pure iron, high pure iron, high pure iron wire, iron targetTitanium, high pure titanium, pure titanium, high purity titanium, sea surface titanium, titanium wire, titanium targetHigh purity zirconium, zirconium, high purity zirconium wire, sponge zirconium, zirconium iodide, high purity zirconia grain, high purity zirconium,zirconium sputtering targetsTe, high purity te, high purity te, te targetNickel, high purity nickel, pure nickel wire, high purity nickel sheet, high purity nickel column, nickel electrode, nickel targetTantalum, high purity tantalum, high purity tantalum sheet, high purity tantalum wire, high pure tantalum, tantalum evaporation boat, tantalum targetGallium, high purity gallium, gallium reagentIndium, high purity indium wire, high purity indium, high purity indium, indium targetHigh purity palladium, palladium, palladium, palladium targetHigh purity lanthanum, high purity lanthanum, lanthanum targetHigh purity praseodymium, high purity gadolinium, high purity cerium terbium, high purity, high purity holmium yttrium, high purity, high purity ytterbium, Gao ChundiuHigh purity of high purity rhenium, rhodium, Gao ChunyiSuch as high purity metal materials.High purity sulfide (purity 99.9%-99.9999%):Copper sulfide, cadmium sulfide, zinc sulfide, molybdenum sulfide, tin sulfide and other sulfide.High purity carbide (purity 99.9%-99.9999%):Zirconium carbide, hafnium carbide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and carbide.High purity nitrogen compounds (purity 99.9%-99.9999%):Titanium nitride, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, boron nitride nitride.Other high purity compounds (purity 99.9%-99.9999%):Zirconium diboride, titanium diboride, diboride hafnium, zirconium oxychloride, chlorine oxidation hafnium, zirconium tetrachloride, hafnium tetrachloride, titanyl sulfate, barium titanate, strontium titanate, titanate lanthanum, praseodymium titanium, molybdenum disilicide azo igzo, such as ITO compounds.

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