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Zubr Mini Tractor Seat

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Product Description
Zubr Mini Tractor Seat(YY4)Zubr Mini Tractor Seat(YY6-1) Fore/aft adjustment 160mm Height adjustment 60mm Weight adjustment 50-120KG Suspention stroke 80mm Cover material Black PVC Options Armrest,Website:http://www.seatqinglin.com,safety belt headrest Vinly cover height adjustable suspension john deere tractor seat(YY4)It is a  hot selling seat,including PVC cover, vacuum foam inside and 2mm steel frame. It has multi function: 1,with mechanical suspension 2,Height adjustable about 60mm 3,slide rail is added for moving forth and back.It is mainly used for excavator seat, agricultural tractor seat,construction machine seat,marine chair etcJohn deere tractor seat application:excavator, agricultural tractor,construction machine,marine etc

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