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  February 8th, 2024 | Written by

Synergy Logistics and Techdinamics Revolutionize Shipping Integration for Efficient Warehouse Management

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Synergy Logistics, a leader in warehouse technology innovation, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Techdinamics, a renowned provider of connected fulfillment solutions. This collaboration aims to deliver seamless integration of rate shopping and transportation management capabilities to customers, revolutionizing the warehouse management landscape.

The focal point of this alliance revolves around Techdinamics’ cutting-edge techSHIP solution, which seamlessly integrates with Synergy’s advanced warehouse management system (WMS) SnapFulfil. Together, these platforms create a fully connected workflow encompassing order management, WMS functionalities, picking, packing, and shipping processes. The result is faster order fulfillment, improved accuracy, and reduced operating costs, all without the need for additional labor.

TechSHIP, a robust cloud-based application, facilitates easy integration with multiple carriers for generating shipping labels and custom documentation. It also offers intelligent rate shopping features, selecting the most cost-effective or appropriate services based on customer preferences and shipping destinations. With connections to over 150+ carriers, TechSHIP streamlines order processing, ensures timely deliveries, and provides competitive shipping rates.

Smitha Raphael, Chief Product & Delivery Officer at Synergy Logistics, emphasizes the speed and depth of integration offered by the techSHIP solution. Its agile nature allows for rapid configuration and deployment, enabling customers to achieve operational efficiencies and a swift return on investment within just 20-30 minutes.

One success story stemming from this partnership involves Younique, an online beauty retailer based in Utah. By leveraging the integration with techSHIP, Younique gained access to previously unavailable carriers like Purolator and significantly improved label printing efficiency for high-volume orders through SnapFulfil’s batch functionality, resulting in decreased shipping costs.

Reg Adams, President of Techdinamics, highlights the seamless integration between SnapFulfil and techSHIP’s API, enabling users to manage orders and generate labels within the WMS interface. This integration empowers users to leverage techSHIP’s order management rules and rate shopping capabilities directly from SnapFulfil, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This strategic alignment between Synergy Logistics and Techdinamics represents a significant milestone in the realm of warehouse management, leveraging real-time integration and partnerships to provide transparency across critical business systems and sales channels. With a rapidly expanding network of native integrations spanning various sectors, Synergy aims to drive efficiency and innovation in warehouse operations, setting new standards for seamless shipping integration.