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  February 7th, 2024 | Written by

WELTEC BIOPOWER Unveils WB Control: The Next Generation Biogas Plant Management System

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WELTEC BIOPOWER, a leading provider of biogas plant solutions, has introduced an innovative user interface for its biogas plant control systems, marking a significant upgrade in functionality and usability. The new system, WB Control, offers enhanced process optimization capabilities alongside an intuitive user interface designed for clarity and efficiency.

Under the unified name WB Control, the system combines the functionalities of previous control systems, LoMos and CeMos, catering to both small and complex industrial biogas plants. This web-based software provides operators with rapid access to critical system parameters and a customizable dashboard for real-time monitoring. Multiple users can access WB Control simultaneously, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Wolfgang Bokern, Head of Technology at WELTEC BIOPOWER, underscores the focus on meeting the evolving needs of plant operators and investors for comprehensive and transparent monitoring, especially for continuous process optimization.

The biogas plant control system from WELTEC BIOPOWER is receiving a general update: This includes new functionalities for process optimization as well as a user interface that provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the entire plant thanks to a symbolism designed according to the latest findings and clarity in the display.

WB Control facilitates the creation of customized diagrams and reports, offering daily, monthly, or annual overviews of key metrics for energy planning and peak load avoidance. New features like FellowFeed and GuidoFill streamline the feeding process, enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, the system’s alarm management ensures prompt notification of system malfunctions, enabling quick response and remote troubleshooting by WELTEC BIOPOWER’s service team.

Key advantages of WB Control include simplified feeding processes, clear visualization of system processes, efficient navigation, extensive business evaluation options, exportable reports for compliance purposes, and intuitive user interface with tooltips. Additionally, the system is compatible with other systems and can be accessed via web browsers on mobile devices, offering flexibility and convenience to users.

WB Control represents a significant advancement in biogas plant management, empowering operators with enhanced monitoring and control capabilities to optimize plant performance and ensure regulatory compliance.