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  May 5th, 2023 | Written by

Registrar Corp Launches Buyer Insights Supplier Management Solution

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Automated Compliance’s Buyer Insights tool enables importers to empower their compliance and procurement teams with greater visibility into their supply chains than ever before.

Leading FDA service, software, and training firm, Registrar Corp, recently announced the release of the Buyer Insights feature within Automated Compliance, Registrar Corp’s proprietary supplier management system.

Buyer Insights gives importers access to never-before-seen supplier data that increases visibility into their supply chains, saving time and money. The tool fully integrates into the Automated Compliance supply chain management software, further enhancing the platform’s already robust lineup of compliance solutions.

By leveraging Buyer Insights, businesses can eliminate the need for time-consuming manual research to find reputable suppliers. The software also significantly reduces communication gaps between compliance and procurement teams, which can hinder effective negotiations. With all pertinent supplier data accumulating onto one platform, teams can more easily collaborate to identify smart and safe business opportunities through an increased understanding of the market and their purchasing power.

Buyer Insights’ Key Features  

The platform includes tools that amplify supply chain transparency so users can quickly make data-driven decisions for new supplier sourcing and confidently gauge risk.

Buyer Insights includes three main features:

  • Shipments – Enables users to review their suppliers’ U.S. shipment history, by product, for the past 2 years
  • Insights – Allows importers to analyze how their suppliers compare to top exporters worldwide
  • My Shipments – Extracts and analyzes importers’ shipments from each of their suppliers, automatically calculating the importer’s purchasing power and simplifying data for decision-makers

Registrar Corp’s Additional Compliance Services  

Registrar Corp provides a variety of compliance services for food and beverage, medical device, drug, and cosmetics establishments, including but not limited to:

  • FDA registration and renewal
  • Detentions
  • Inspection preparation
  • Food safety regulations
  • Online training for regulatory compliance and food safety certification

Registrar Corp’s other software solutions include A la Calc, a tool for recipe nutrition analysis, and Cosmetri, innovative software offering cosmetics R&D, compliance, and GMP solutions.